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Excited to paint Edward Hopper's "New York Restaurant"

Edward Hopper's famous painting, "New York Restaurant," will be the subject of my live study on site at Muskegon Art Museum on Wednesday, Feb. 4, from 10:00 - 4:00. I am very grateful to have been given permission to paint right in front of this absolutely gorgeous original piece, painted 92 years ago! This is the first time M.A.M. has granted this privilege (maybe nobody asked before?), so I am very honored and excited!

The motivation that caused me to request this Live Study experience was only partly for the benefit of the experience itself. Mostly, it is because I want this hanging on my wall in my home. This is ONE painting which will NOT be for sale!

It probably sounds like I'm pretty confident that mine will turn out, and maybe that's putting the cart before the horse. Let's just say I'm an optimist, and I have high hopes! I'm already evaluating the painting and imagining which colors I will mix. In person, though, it will be a completely different story. You just cannot believe how gorgeous this original painting is in person. When I first saw it, my jaw probably dropped a mile, and I could hardly tear myself away from it!

Edward Hopper is known to favor a darker palette during most of his art career, along with a preference for saturated colors. I think that's what I like about his paintings so much.

I also found it interesting to learn that his favorite thing to paint was the sunlit side of a house. Honestly?! I've been known to say that the vertical line between the lit and shaded sides of a building is so luscious to me, I could just eat it! So now I feel even more of an affinity for this celebrated artist.

Update: Here is a short video, while in process at the museum. The painting is not finished yet, but as soon as it is, I will post a photo.