Late Afternoon Lighthouse #3

I can't stop painting versions of this lighthouse. I seem to get a little looser with the brushstrokes on each successive painting, as I get more and more familiar with the subject. 

The winning bid on this piece, "Having A Riot," was $400.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this auction! The proceeds will be going directly to Women At Risk (WAR). WAR is an organization in Grand Rapids, MI that works worldwide to help free victims caught in the web of human trafficking. Please CLICK HERE to read about WAR's efforts, and find out the many additional ways you can help: shopping at their boutique, volunteering, hosting a WAR party, contributing financially, etc.

Emma's Blue Shoes

The minute I saw the photo of Emma's amazing prom shoes and prom dress, I knew I had to paint it! I vacillated for a long time on the proper composition and size, and then it took quite awhile to paint this piece. But, alas, it feels "complete." I can now look forward to presenting it to my photographer/friend, Mary Hilldore, for her daughter, Emma. (Acrylic on 24"x24" gallery-wrapped canvas.)

Karin's Cabana Dream

These colorful cabanas are lined up on the beach of Lake Charlevoix. My friend, Mary Hilldore, snapped a photo of them, and graciously allowed me to paint it.

For decades now I've had this perplexing, recurring dream about some cabana-looking structures on stilts, which are on the drive into a state park. Apparently I own one of them, but never remember about it until I'm driving by. Hence, the weird title of this painting.

Acrylic on 16x40 gallery-wrapped canvas. $340. Click HERE and send me an email if you're interested in purchasing.

Vincent Had the Blues

I love the deep, dark colors in Van Gogh's painting "Two Women in a Peat Field With a Wheelbarrow." I chose to interpret those colors, but through a different subject. I wish you could see this one in person; it's very rich in color. Acrylic on 30x40 gallery-wrapped canvas. $450

Mary's Boats

Many thanks to my lovely friend, Mary Hilldore, the amazing photographer who allowed me to paint my interpretation of her photo of the "Flying Juniors." 

About the painting, Donna Wotton writes: "These boats belong to the Northern Lake George Yacht Club in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. They are the "domain" of many children - generations in fact - who have learned to sail in them, made their best life-long friends in them, and all share the most special memories of their magical teenage summers. They are a part of our community fabric and you have captured them beautifully." (Thank you, Donna!)

Acrylic on 30x40 gallery-wrapped canvas. $600

"Resilience" - Winner of 2014 Tulip Time Poster Competition

The original "Resilience" (18"x24" acrylic on canvas, framed) is available for purchase ($6,500). Holland Area Arts Council will handle the transaction (you may contact them at 616-396-3278), and it is currently on display at the Tulip Time office, 74 W. Eighth St., Holland.

The image is represented on note cards, coffee cups, posters (2 sizes) and limited edition, numbered giclees (2 sizes), which can all be ordered at Tulip Time's website: CLICK HERE.

Primarily Tulips

One of the lively sisters of "Resilience." 24x36 acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas. SOLD.

Two Red Tulips

Acrylic on 20x24 gallery-wrapped canvas. SOLD.


"Yellow Forest" Collection, #12
Acrylic on 24x48 gallery-wrapped canvas. $450. Just SOLD.

A Fresh Start
30 x 40 acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas.  $450

Birch on Blue #2

Acrylic on 30x40 gallery-wrapped canvas. SOLD.

Emerald Forest
Acrylic on 30x40 gallery-wrapped canvas. $450

Golden Forest

Acrylic on 16x40 gallery-wrapped canvas. $350

Colorful Forest
Acrylic on 30x40 gallery-wrapped canvas. The colors from my interpretation of this trail at Johnson Park pack a lot of punch. $450

Forest Canopy #2

Acrylic on 20x24 gallery-wrapped canvas. $400

Dressed in White

Acrylic on 30x40 gallery-wrapped canvas. $450


Look on the Bright Side
A visitor to my art gallery the other day asked me why I included the stoplight in this painting. I almost didn't know what to say, because it seemed so obvious to me: it just makes it a thousand times better!!   :)  This is the McKay Tower in Grand Rapids, as seen through the edge of Rosa Parks Circle.

Acrylic on 24x36 gallery-wrapped canvas with lots of texture and knifing. I hope to enter this painting, along with Monroe Center, in an upcoming exhibition. $600

Monroe Center
I just can't get enough of downtown! There's lots and lots of texture on this canvas. Acrylic on 24"x18" canvas. $350

"Monroe Center" and "Look on the Bright Side," framed and shown together. 

City Bridge

If you're from Grand Rapids, you may recognize this as the walking bridge downtown. Acrylic on 30"x40" gallery-wrapped canvas. $450

Grand Crossing

Another version of the walking bridge in downtown Grand Rapids. Acrylic on 24x18 wrapped canvas. $300

Finding Their Way

A couple of these structures are trying a little harder than the others. Acrylic on 36"x48"gallery-wrapped canvas. $550

Neutral Cityscape

Do you see any similarity between Neutral Cityscape and the painting above it (Finding Their Way)? Believe it or not, both of them are abstractions of a photo of a white living room with a red table in it. "Neutral Cityscape" is available for purchase at UBU.

A Quiet Lunch

A scene from Rosa Parks Circle in downtown Grand Rapids. We need these moments alone sometimes. Acrylic on 16"x40" gallery-wrapped canvas. SOLD.


Isaiah 30:21 is one of my favorite verses about choices. Acrylic on 30x40 gallery-wrapped canvas. $450

Manor and Trees

I really, really, really love neutrals. They make me happy and peaceful. This 30"x40" acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas has piles of texture. $450


Here's an update after I made some revisions. Am I allowed to say, I'm in love with this huge painting! (36"x48") $550

Country Series #1

Acrylic on 11x14 canvas. Suitable for framing. $175

Sunday Afternoon Drive

My dad told me about some beautiful country scenery south of 108th, where we found this hilly dirt road. From the photo, I painted it upside down in my studio. (No, it was not ME that was upside down, you sillies; it was the canvas and the photo!)

Acrylic on 30x40 gallery-wrapped canvas. Contact Canterbury Cottage in Holland, MI to inquire about purchasing. CLICK HERE FOR CANTERBURY COTTAGE'S WEBSITE

Mr. Bingley's Gracious Hospitality

Remember when Jane Bennet had to recuperate at Mr. Bingley's house because her sneaky and clever mother wouldn't let her take the carriage? I simply had to paint the colors in that gorgeous bedroom, but I chose to portray them via the subject above. Gotta love Pride & Prejudice! 

Acrylic on 30"x48" gallery-wrapped canvas, available for purchase at UBU. 

Country Series #2

This painting was inspired by a photo I took while meandering through the nearby country roads. The canvas was toned with a purple-pink foundation, which, when it peeks through, provides a somewhat modern color combination for this rural setting. It is rich in texture. Acrylic on 30 x 40 gallery-wrapped canvas. $450


Hebrews 1:10
Acrylic on 36x48 gallery-wrapped canvas. $550


Waking Up
This painting started as a photo of the Holland Lighthouse, taken on a blizzardy winter day. I used my imagination to bring it to life and add some cheer. Spring, where are you?!?!

Acrylic on 16x20 wrapped canvas. Suitable for framing. $300

Late Afternoon Lighthouse
The day was winding down and there was a more serene mood, so I used neutral colors and approached this painting a bit gently. Acrylic on 36" x 48" gallery-wrapped canvas. Contact Canterbury Cottage in Holland, MI to inquire about purchasing this piece. (CLICK HERE FOR THEIR LINK.)

South Haven Lighthouse

Acrylic on 36" x 48" gallery-wrapped canvas. Placed in a grand and beautiful Parade Home on Lake Michigan in South Haven. Just SOLD.


Small Pear

This small (8"x8") painting was a color study for a 36"x36" commissioned piece. Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas. $125

Untitled Pear
I've had about 100 ideas from my Facebook friends for titles for this luscious pear. I'm just about there. 11x14 acrylic on canvas (frame not included). $150

Very Large Pear - #2
This big ol' pear will definitely make a statement in your home. Acrylic on 40x30 gallery-wrapped canvas. $450.